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Steiner-Waldorf education recognises that every child is unique. For the last 76 years Wynstones has focused on enhancing each individual child’s strengths with a rich, creative curriculum that carefully meets the growing child's developmental needs. We strive to help them become unprejudiced, well-informed, confident and creative young people who are responsible and practical contributors to society. 

We believe that it is not only what we learn that matters, but when and how we learn. Children pass through markedly different life stages, and a Steiner-Waldorf education provides a coherent curriculum that takes its cues from the child’s needs at these different life stages. Our approach develops faculties rather than delivers information; respects the essential nature of childhood; and encourages a love of lifelong learning.

At Wynstones we are more than just a school, we are a strong community of pupils, teachers, families and friends. Our education acknowledges the vital role of parents and other carers and we work to build effective parent-teacher partnerships.

As one of the fastest growing educational movements in the world, we invite you to come and visit our school to see what it is all about. Wynstones offers a Steiner education from pre school through to university entrance, which means that your child can enjoy a happy and secure education, free from the need to change schools.



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The Gift of Learning

‘The Gift of Learning’ - a short
introduction to Steiner Education


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