80th Birthday Celebrations: Summer Fair & Alumni Reunion

We are really looking forward to celebrating our 80th Birthday with an even bigger Summer Fair and an Alumni Reunion.

Save and the Date: Saturday 23rd June 2018



Gloucester Minibus Scheme Timetable Update (16 April 2018)


Road Closure Update (13 April 2018)

Dear Families

The road closure has further clarity following additional co-ordination with Glos Council/AMEY and with Glos minibuses and Avon minibus.

To answer your transport questions in turn....Are you?

Arriving at 7.20am to beat the closure?

Please make yourselves comfortable on campus, we understand the lodge will be open using the normal code. The lodge is a suitable and warm place for hot drinks and breakfast but please also use New Hall kitchen and space if you would like to. Ness will be opening up the New Hall, please contact a member of the PFA if you do not have the code for the lodge and would like to use this space.

Arriving by car at your normal time?

Enter from St Peter's direction....print a car sticker (attached to this email) and affix to your windscreen, this will help enable your car to be waived through the barrier without delay.

If you prefer to collect a sticker please go to reception on arrival at school on Tuesday morning.

Arriving by Minibus/coach from Stroud direction?

Liaise with Graham Stanley and his team at Glos minibuses who have kindly put on an additional 72 seater coach to bring students and staff to and from school. Please book with him GrahamKStanley@aol.com.  Your minibus times may have altered to accommodate the convoy arrangements at the top of the a4173. A full timetable will be available later today and sent to all parents, please share this information.

Arriving from Bristol?

No changes expected but if your coach cannot meet the barrier at Brookthorpe in time to meet the convoy you will be redirected which will delay your arrival at school by an estimated 30 minutes. Specifically for the older students, if you are delayed leaving Bristol or on the M5 and this delay is going to disrupt your exams you need to speak with the driver of your coach who will negotiate with the barrier control, please also ask the driver to call school in these circumstances so we can speak with AMEY and plead a special arrangement.

Travelling to school by foot?

Your journey should not be affected as all pathways remain open

We have had requests to move elements of teaching to Stroud and adjust the school day/timetable.

Thank you for the ideas, we have taken into account what we can achieve and guarantee and need to be realistic about safeguarding including any early school start with staff travel challenges. For these reasons and also stability we have decided to leave the school day as it stands.

We recognise the longer day for many of our pupils and hope that the play/social gatherings before school together with the additional transport provision from Stroud will provide opportunities to experience new arrangements and spark thoughts for the future.

We wish everyone a safe and calm journey to school.

Concerns and complaints should continue to be directed to Gloucestershire Council please. 

Any practical school solutions to fsieracki@wynstones.com with our thanks.


Faye Sieracki


Welcome to Wynstones

Steiner Waldorf education recognises that every child is unique. For 80 years Wynstones has focused on enhancing each individual child’s strengths with a rich, creative curriculum that carefully meets the growing child's developmental needs. We strive to guide pupils to become unprejudiced, well-informed, confident and creative young people who are responsible and practical contributors to society. 

We believe that it is not only what we learn that matters, but when and how we learn. Children pass through markedly different life stages and a Steiner-Waldorf education provides a coherent curriculum that takes its cues from the child’s needs at each life stage. Our approach develops faculties, rather than delivering information, it respects the essential nature of childhood, and encourages a lifelong love of learning.

At Wynstones we are more than just a school. We are a strong community of pupils, teachers, families and friends. Our education acknowledges the vital role of parents and other carers and we work to build effective parent-teacher partnerships. We have in our school community third generation pupils following in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents.

As one of the fastest growing educational movements in the world, we invite you to come and visit our school.

Wynstones offers a Steiner Waldorf education from pre-school through to university entrance, one of only three Steiner Waldorf schools in the country to do so. 

News & Events

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Bennell-Nokes Sixth Form Scholarships

Wynstones has recently completed a review of scholarship and bursary provisions in line with our forthcoming 80th Birthday.

We are so excited to announce today our new Bennell-Nokes Scholarships after our founders - Margaret Bennell and Cora Nokes.

The new Scholarship is open to Sixth Form pupils and designed to align scholarship beneficiaries more closely with the school’s aim “to develop creative and critical, independent thinkers who value both deep knowledge and seek an extensive and rich curriculum”.

For more information email scholarships@wynstones.com or visit www.wynstones.com/join-us/scholarships-and-bursaries. 

Bennell-Nokes Scholarship Application Pack








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