How the school is managed

There is a strong tradition of collaborative working in this school based on traditional Steiner collegial working practice.

In March 2019 Stephen Holland was appointed as Principal of Wynstones, with Paul Tallentire appointed Deputy Principal. Caroline Bell was appointed in January 2020 as Education Lead in the School Management Team. The Principal, Deputy Principal and Education Lead work with the Business Manager, Vanessa Robinson (interim), and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Our Finance Team is managed by Sarah Brown

The College of Teachers is chaired by Caroline Thompson and Rebekah Hoyland, who sit on the SLT. 



The SLT is made up of:

Upper School Lead:        Jane Mowbray, Upper School Maths Teacher and Class IX Guardian

Lower School Lead:        Adam Clark (interim), Class Teacher

Kindergarten Leads:       Orsolya Antal, Kindergarten Teacher
                                          Kalihi Hardiman, Kindergarten Teacher

Wellbeing Leads:            Anne Cambridge, Welfare Officer and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
                                         Rebecca Fielder, Welllbeing Officer and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

SENDCo:                         Samantha Maylor-Wrout

Chairs of College:          Caroline Thompson, Music Teacher
                                         Rebekah Hoyland, Gardening Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Principal:                        Stephen Holland

Deputy Principal:           Paul Tallentire, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Education Lead:            Caroline Bell

Business Manager:       Vanessa Robinson (interim)


The College of Teachers

The College of Teachers hold the pedagogical ethos of the school, working closely with management and all staff to carry the spiritual impulse to "receive the children in reverence, educate them in love and send them forth in freedom" (Rudolf Steiner). The College holds the strategic mandate for curriculum development, and seeks to challenge, research and monitor best practice in teaching and learning.

This year the following staff members form the College:

Caroline Thompson, Music Teacher (Co-Chair)

Rebekah Hoyland, Gardening Teacher and DDSL (Co-Chair)

Orsolya Antal, Kindergarten Teacher

Fran Barrington, Class Teacher

Caroline Bell, Education Lead 

Adam Clark, Lower School Lead

Elizabeth Deering, Handwork Teacher

Andrea Dowle, Kindergarten Teacher

Petra Engelbrecht, Upper School Drama Teacher

Kalihi Hardiman, Kindergarten Teacher

Hannah Harter, Class Teacher

Stephen Holland, Principal

Celia Mace, Class Teacher

Verity McLellan, Admissions and Communications

Alex Murrell, Upper School Physics Teacher

Samantha Peel, Class Teacher

Erica Stephanson, Class Teacher


The Trustees and School Council

Wynstones is an educational charity and its trustees, working through the School Council, monitor and manage key strategies for the healthy and progressive development of the school. The trustees are the charity’s appointed directors and ultimately hold responsibility for all legal obligations and strategic governance of the school. The School Council’s role (includes Trustees and key staff members) is strategic, whereas the operational management is delegated to the: School Principal, Deputy Principal, Business Manager, Finance Manager and the SLT. The various responsibilities are defined in the Scheme of Delegation

Our collective commitment is that:

The School Council, aims to support the educational excellence and wellbeing of the staff, the wellbeing of pupils and the interests of parents. It holds itself accountable to the Association to see that Wynstones (a) achieves its desired aims, and (b) avoids unacceptable actions and situations that compromise its strategic aims.


Wynstones Trustee Body

Ted Yates, Chair (Safeguarding, HR, Leadership & Management)

Anna Stephenson, Vice Chair (Education, Comms, Leadership & Management)

Duncan Abbott (Infrastructure & Finance)

Tom DeLuca (Comms & Finance)

Graham Kennish (Education, Leadership & Management)

Duncan McCanlis (Safeguarding, HR & Infrastructure)


If you wish to email the trustees please email the clerk Heather Large: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Wynstones Limited annual reports are available on the Charity Commission website: