School management 

How the school is managed

Like most Steiner Waldorf schools, Wynstones adopts a co-operative approach to management.

Broadly the roles of the various components are:

  • The College of Teachers works as an advisory, reference group
  • The Chair of Lower School (pupils 6 – 14): Management responsibility for the curriculum, teaching and learning, standards and attainment
  • The Chair of Upper School (pupils 14 – 18): Management responsibility for the curriculum, teaching and learning, standards and attainment
  • A Mandate system enlists the individual members to undertake an area of responsibility in the school

School Council - The Trustees

Wynstones is an educational charity and the independent trustees making up the School Council have final responsibility for the well-being of the school.

The School Council is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the school. The Council’s role is not day-to-day management of the school which is delegated to the Education Leader/Chair of College. Our overall commitment is that: 'The Council, supporting the work of staff, the well being of pupils and the interest of parents, holds itself accountable to the Association to see that Wynstones (a) achieves its desired aims, and (b) avoids unacceptable actions and situations. We further go on to set expectations for Trustees including a Council Job Description, Code of Conduct, Chair’s Role, and Governing Style. If you are interested in becoming a Trustee you will be expected to work with these expectations.

We have recently been developing our ways of working on Council which are documented in the Wynstones Governance Manual.

Wynstones Governance Manual

Council of Trustees

                                                               Ned Skelton (Chair) 
  Susanna Perry
  Anna Stephenson
  Graham Kennish (Safeguarding)
  Ted Yates (Deputy)
  Martin Sharp
  Ian Potts
  Guy Pinnington


School Administration

Chair of College                              Adam Clark
School Business Manager Faye Sieracki
Finance Manager Rose Palmer
Accounts Assistants Francesca Stevens, Joanna Taylor
Admissions Elizabeth Stephenson
PA to the Chair Sian Green
Communications & Marketing Manager Samantha Peel
Examinations Officer Jenny Vowles
Careers and References Petra Englebriecht
Reception Elizabeth Stephenson
Caretaker Marcus McGowan
Event Hire Rose Palmer
Groundsman Mark Stephenson
Cleaning Manager Gill Turner
Lower SENDCo Suzanne Cataldo
Lower and Middle School SEN Teacher Shelagh Silmon-Clyde
Middle and Upper School SENDCo Rachael Lomas
Eurythmy Therapy John Browning
Art Therapy John Playfoot
Speech Therapy Sibylle Eichstaedt
School Doctor