Bursary Programme

Confidence…a love of learning… artistic and creative skills…and an excellent academic education – a wonderful start for any child!

Over the years, many children have benefited from the education Wynstones School delivers, having provided them with a solid basis for their journey into higher education and adult life.  Wynstones School strives to engage and nourish each child’s innate curiosity and love of learning by offering a balance of academic, artistic and practical activities. The aim of the education is to equip young people emotionally, spiritually and intellectually, not only to meet the future, but also to play a part in shaping it.

Many graduates have chosen a career course not incompatible with the ethos of the school, eg therapist, artist, farmer; and thus, find themselves unable to afford for their children what they so loved from their own experience at Wynstones.

The Wynstones Bursary Programme exists to provide access to a quality Steiner education for children whose families cannot afford full fees.

Please help us to make this education accessible to more families, regardless of wealth. Just a small regular donation could make a big difference. Download a Donation Form

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