Capital Project

The beautiful school grounds at Wynstones School have evolved over the last 77 years with an eclectic mix of beautiful and architecturally designed buildings. While they do not define the school, as our community does, buildings certainly contribute to the value of Wynstones.

Many of the school’s developments have been funded by generous donations made by people whose lives have been touched by the school.

Wynstones School Theatre  - The Barn

One major capital project at present is the redevelopment of our drama space and theatre, The Barn. This iconic building has been used to perform countless plays over the years at Wynstones by many different classes.

Performance and visual arts are at the very heart of Wynstones School education. From its foundation, drama has played an important part in the Waldorf education and many memorable plays have been put on by our pupils throughout the years.

The time has come to renovate our lovely theatre space to meet the growing demands of the Drama department and the pupils that use it.

“I am totally passionate about this project and I hope that you will be able to help the school realise the plan.” Petra Peters, Wynstones Drama Teacher



IT Suite and Graphic Design

Under the new management structure of the school, we are opening up new facilities in the school: we are currently installing not only an IT suite to support and guide the students in IT skills, enabling them to use this vital resource in the school; we also now offer sophisticated IT equipment to support graphic design courses at exam level.

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For more information on our building plans, please contact Reception, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Developing Wynstones