Fees and Charges 2016/17

(Applicable from 1st October 2016)

All School charges are payable in advance by the first day of term, unless there is an adequate monthly payment agreement active or a written arrangement is made otherwise with the school’s Finance Manager.

Absence through illness: Tuition Charges are not refunded in the event of absence through illness.

Notice to withdraw a pupil: at least half a term's notice is required in writing to the College of Teachers that a pupil is to be withdrawn. 50% of the following term's Tuition Charges will be payable where inadequate notice is given. Interest will be charged on amounts that are outstanding.

Application & Registration fees and Deposit:  A non-refundable registration fee of £250 per family is required to accept an offer of a place. This is payable before any child joins the school. Families with bursaries or scholarships may request a reduced registration fee.  A refundable deposit of £100 (Classes I – XII) is also payable.

Tuition Charges:






Annual Tuition Charge 

                     Autumn term 42%,

       Spring & Summer terms 29% each

     Monthly equivalent 

                Payable by standing order



Days per week: 

3    £ 2,700

4     £3,551

5     £4,326

£ 225.00



Class I

£ 6,270 £ 522.50

Class II

£ 6,552

£ 546.00

Class III

£ 6,722 £ 560.17

Class IV

£ 7,374 £ 614.50

Class V-VI

£ 8,060 £ 671.67

Class VII

£ 8,753 £ 729.42


£ 9,155 £ 762.92

Family reductions on Tuition Charges

There is a 15% reduction for the second child; 20% for a third child and 25% for subsequent children.

Kindergarten Funding for 3 and 4 year olds

Children of 3 and 4 years old may be eligible to receive Nursery funding from the Local Education Authority. Information will be provided on application.

Afternoon Activities charges ages 4-11 years:

Kindergarten afternoon care £10.50 per session

Class I to IV afternoon activities £5.50 per session

Rechargeable Extras

Charges for extra lessons, class trips, materials for extra projects, breakages other than fair wear and tear, school photographs, exam fees etc are invoiced separately at the end of term, and are due for payment within 7 days of issue of invoice.

Interest is chargeable on late payment of both Tuition and Extras Charges at 2% per month.

Charge for unpaid cheque: £25

Extra Tuition

Parents will be advised if a pupil requires extra tuition in English, Mathematics, or in additional French or German for pupils joining from Class V onwards.

The cost of £17.00 per timetabled lesson is shared between the number of children participating in the lesson, and invoiced as a Rechargeable Extra at the end of term. 

Special Educational Needs: Charge per lesson £17.00 discretionary. NB There is a maximum charge of £24.00 per week where a pupil requires two or more weekly lessons.


Accommodation is with school families, coordinated through the school by the Boarding Administrator. 

Refundable deposit from a UK based family: £100

Refundable Deposit from overseas based family: £250

Boarding Fees, details available on application, are payable in advance. Further details of financial arrangements for boarders are available from the Accounts Office.

Payment can be made via direct transfer through any commercial bank. Please ask for the school's bank details should you wish to make payment by this method.

Wynstones Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Wynstones has recently completed a review of our scholarship and bursary provisions in line with our forthcoming 80th Birthday.  The new scheme will take effect from September 2017 and will be outlined on the Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries web page. Pupils who joined the school prior to September 2017 will retain their existing scholarships and bursaries according to their terms and conditions.  The historic scholarships are now being renamed Enhanced Bursaries and fall under the means-tested Bursary Scheme.  For more information on our Scholarships, Awards and Bursary Schemes please visits that page.