School Bus Service

Wynstones School provides a minibus transport service for its pupils to and from Wynstones, with several different routes serving different parts of the county. The bus service provides safe and reliable transport to and from the school that encourages independence for pupils and allows children to travel with their peers. It also helps the school to reduce car journeys, cutting congestion and air pollution in the school car park, saving parents' valuable time each day and helping to make Wynstones school a more ecological organisation.

The minibuses are organised by GMS (Gloucestershire Minibus Scheme) and driven by parents of the school. The drivers have all passed their MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) training and assessment; they give their time voluntarily, in return for two free trips for each journey they do.

Places on the bus are generally booked termly in advance and can be for the whole week or just those days (or trips) that you need e.g. "every morning", or "Tuesday and Thursday afternoons". 

A register is kept of ALL regular users, and is checked every morning and afternoon, to ensure that no-one gets left behind!

Although the ‘buses are very popular, there are spare seats on some journeys; these are made available to casual users on a 'Pay as You Go’ (first come, first served) basis - at a slightly higher price.

We already serve much of the Wynstones catchment area (see below), but we are always looking to expand the service, and to add more routes. If you would like to use the service - but your area isn't currently served - just contact the school office. We'll help if we can - either by re-routing an existing service, or (more likely) by introducing a new route.

To ensure that no parent has to drive more than 3 times per week, we operate a rota of drivers. Over the last 5 years, we have organised MiDAS training for more than 40 Wynstones parents - but, of course, we are always looking for more drivers to get involved! Drivers get two free trips for each journey they make. If you think you might be interested - and you have a ‘clean’ driving licence (no more than 3 points) - then please contact the GMS* Office 01453 762 221 for more information.

Charges for School Bus Journeys per child per trip are:

From/To Stroud £2.30 (£2.00 if paid at the start of term)

From/To Nailsworth £3.00 (£2.75 if paid at the start of term)

Current School Bus Routes




Please Contact

For Availability





Top of Stroud

Pick Up and Return

Middle Hill and Parliament Street

(various locations)

Jess Dawson



Kate Dineen





Uplands Stroud

Pick Up Co-op Car Park (Slad Rd)

Return Drop Off Co-op Car Park (Slad Rd)

Marguerite Doubleday

01453 298 674 or




Cainscross, Stroud

Pick Up Caincross Carpark

Return Drop Off Caincross Carpark

Marguerite Doubleday

01453 298 674 or







Pick Up Junction Youth Club on Corner of Springhill & Northfield

Return Drop Off Nailsworth Bus Station, Junction Youth Club

GMS Office

01453 762 221

or Graham Stanley

07885 042 785