School Lunches and Snack Breaks

Pupils should bring a snack for the mid-morning and a packed lunch – preferably a healthy mix of food that will keep them going to the end of the school day (no crisps, cholocate, etc). Please be aware of the school Allergy Policy.  There will also be hot  lunch provided daily as outlined.

Hot food at lunch time are provided each day as below:



School Hot Food



Cheese Pasta Bake with salad



Vegetarian Burger with Potato Wedges



Fritata with Salad



Baked Potato with Baked Beans and/or Cheese served

with Coleslaw



Pizza Served with Salad and Coleslaw

*Information regarding lunches from Sarah Gerrard

All meals cost £3.50 and must be pre-ordered.

There will also be the option of pre-ordering a pasta with tomoto sause and salad for £3.50.

Additionally there are fresh rolls that do not require pre-ordering for £2, choices are as follows: cheese and salad, avo salad, or tuna mayo salad.

No need to pre-order the soup or rolls.  

Please order by email for your half-termly lunch schedule. 

For further information and to place order, contact Sarah at


updated September 2017