Term Dates for Wynstones School

Current Academic Year 2016 to 2017


Autumn Term 2016

Starts Wed 7th Sep - 8.30am
1/2 term from Wed 19th Oct - 3.45pm
to Mon 31st Oct - 8.30am
Inset day (Staff only) Thurs 20th Oct
Term ends Fri 16th Dec - 1.00pm

Spring Term 2017

Starts Wed 4th Jan - 8.30am
1/2 term from Thu 9th Feb - 3.45pm
to Mon 20th Feb - 8.30am
Inset day (Staff only) Fri 10th Feb
Term ends Tues 4th April - 1.00pm

Summer Term 2017


Tues 25th Apr - 8.30am

1/2 term from Fri 26th May 3.45pm
to Mon 5th Jun - 8.30am
Inset day (Staff only) Mon 24th April
Term Ends Fri 7th Jul - 1.00pm